Yes. Sometimes separating pups can be unpleasant which is why we allow siblings to stay together. In other cases, we don’t accept more than one in a room as it can cause stress given the new environment. But, we charge for individual furry baby since we charge to take care of the furry babies not according to the space.

Fini les chiens tristes enfermés dans une cage pendant de longues heures. Nos tarifs journaliers comprennent

  • First call in the morning at 6:00 am when they go out to do their potty and pipi business in our outdoor park or indoor park depending upon the weather.
  • After that they are served breakfast in their rooms and we give them 1.5 hours relaxation time to digest their food. 
  • When the digestion time is over all the furry babies are taken to the participate in the daycare activities depending on the day we will have different actives for them. 
  • During the playtime in the DV Playcare the furry babies are given breaks in between depending upon the needs of your furry baby.
  • In the break time the babies go in their Suites or Condominiums (depending upon which type of room you chose for them) and they have  take a nap or they will enjoy the delicious a la carte perks from our menu which the parents can choose when they make the reservation. 
  • After the break ends, the furry babies are brought back to our parks and they play together with their furry friends. 
  • The Lunch is served if your furry baby eats lunch, If not then they are brought back to their rooms for Dinner
  • After Dinner they are given time to digest the food.
  • The Last Call which the last time they go out to do their Pipi and Potty Business is around 9:00 pm. 
  • After the last call they go to bed to sleep.

There is always someone 24/7 even at night in Doggieville MTL to take care of the furry babies.

Having your baby in our care is the highest form of trust. That’s why we encourage visits in our facility. In order for us to show you the facility, you are required to make an appointment,The room showings are from Monday to Friday 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Someone from our Paw Crew will be delighted to take you on a tour and show you the different alternatives for your furry kid’s stay.

Of course! We offer late check-out at an additional charge of $45 per dog. We ask that this be mentioned ahead of time so that we have adequate staff to care for your baby.

Sure! We offer discounted fees for a single doggie when their stay is from 6 to 10 days and 11 to 30 days. We also offer discounted rates for two or more pooches for stays of 1 to 4 days, 6 to 10 days and 11 to 30 days. Please refer to our price list. 

Discounts1-5 NIGHTS6-10 NIGHTS11-30 NIGHTS
Single Pooch
N/A5% off10% off
2 or more Pooches5% off10% off15% off

If your pet should require medical attention while in our care, our customary procedure is to contact your veterinarian. Should the nature of your pet’s illness require an office visit, we reserve the right to utilize our 24 hour on-call veterinarian, depending on the severity and the travel required to access your veterinarian.

Last Minute Cancellation - $60 Cancellation fee.

Less than 2 business days prior to service -$60 cancellation fee, 

No Refund to deposits, the amount paid will be credited to the customer’s account and may be used on any future transactions on all our services offered, except for Ruby’s Café.

Advanced cancellations More than 3 business days prior to service - No refund to deposits, the amount paid will be credited to the customer’s account and may be used on any future transactions on all our services offered, except for Ruby’s Café.

Early returns / changes after service has begun- No refund or credit.

We only charge an extra $20 a day during high season which is for the following dates:

Winter HolidaysDec, 20th to Jan, 15th
Good Friday to Easter Monday
By Calendar
Spring BreakFeb, 20th to Mar, 15thVictoria DayBy Calendar
Summer VacationsJune, 15th to Sep 15thThanks Giving DayBy Calendar

Check IN - Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Check Out - Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Late Checkout Options Available

In the case that parents don’t come to pick up their babies until our closing hours, we will charge an additional day for your pup to stay.

In Doggieville MTL we accept furry babies if they are not Spayed/Neutered until 11 Months. After the age of 11 Months, all the furry babies are required to get operated. Unfortunately, we can’t accept any fur guest that hasn’t been spayed or neutered who are older than 11 Months as it could interfere with the behaviour and comfort of the other pups around. For these reasons, we ask that all fur guests staying at Sam’s Lodge be spayed/neutered.

But, if your furry baby is not operated for medical reason or any other reason, you can give us a call and we are always happy to make exception to accommodate our furry parents and furry babies needs.

For all boarding stays, we ask that all doggie parents provide the following:

  • Full vaccine record for your pup: Bordetella (valid for 6 months), DA2PP (Distemper, adenovirus-2, parainfluenza and parvovirus) and Rabies.
  • Proportioned food in Ziplock bags plus 2 portions extra in case your plans extend.
  • Medication or supplements that your furry baby is required. (Medication fee will apply) Also pill pockets are required to give the furry babies medication.
  • You can always bring 1 toy which your furry baby likes.
  • A collar with their names for identification. 
  • Please allow yourself at least 35 minutes for creating your doggie profile, it is recommended to call or reserve online at least a few days in advance to get all the information up to date. A scheduled pick up time should also be discussed upon drop off.

For reservations, you should contact us directly as all reservations need to be confirmed by phone, online or in person. Our Paw Crew consultants will be happy to discuss all the boarding, grooming, training and à la carte perks options DOGGIEVILLE Mtl has to offer! To confirm a reservation, a 100% deposit is required, and the cost of the stay must be paid in full at the time of making the reservation. Keep in mind that all high-season reservations should be made well in advance and incur an additional daily fee.

In order to ensure 100% safety, we ask that you bring your baby prior to their stay for a Meet & Greet evaluation so that we can assess their overall Behaviour. (If it is a last minute emergency trip, we are always happy to make an exception to the meet and greet if your furry baby is dog and human friendly.) This is to monitor any temperament characteristics that could potentially be unsuitable at Sam’s Lodge. Otherwise, if all goes well, your pup is welcome to stay at our resort!