Daycare Reservation needs to be cancelled 1 day prior to the reservation date to avoid using your daycare pass and without a cancellation fee.

Last Minute Cancellation – $20 Cancellation Fee.

No Show – $20 No Show Fee.

Last Minute Cancellation if you have membership passes- $20 Cancellation fee.

No Show if you have membership passes - $20 No Show Fee.

No Refund for deposits, the amount paid will be credited to the customer’s account and may be used on any future transactions on all our services offered, except for Ruby’s Café.

In Doggieville MTL we accept furry babies if they are not Spayed/Neutered until 11 Months. After the age of 11 Months, all the furry babies are required to get operated. Unfortunately, we can’t accept any fur guest that hasn’t been spayed or neutered who are older than 11 Months as it could interfere with the behaviour and comfort of the other pups around. For these reasons, we ask that all fur guests staying at Sam’s Lodge be spayed/neutered.

But, if your furry baby is not operated for medical reason or any other reason, you can give us a call and we are always happy to make exception to accommodate our furry parents and furry babies needs.

At DOGGIEVILLE Mtl, we pride ourselves on have a huge space for our furry babies. 

We have Outdoor parks and Indoor parks which are divided in 3 sections and are high fenced. We do the evaluation on the basis of Temperament, Energy Lever and Size because some furry babies like to play hard, some like to play gently, some are very energetic and some are on the calmer side. 

We also have 2 Kindergartens accommodating the needs of every size furry baby. The first Kindergarten is for the puppies with unlimited amount of energy and Second Kindergarten is for the Senior Doggies because they like to have their own calm space. 


All our Furry babies are supervised by our Daycare and Hotel Supervisors and they are never leave unattended. 

We also have 50+ Cameras and Motion Sensors in our facility to monitor everything in Doggieville MTL.

In order to get your furry baby admitted in our DV Playcare, the pawents are required to open a file from our website ,if you having any trouble creating the file online, you can give us a call anytime during our operation hours and our someone from our Dv Paw Crew will be happy to help you.

After creating the file, we would require you fill all your details and upload your picture and your furry baby's picture in the online portal. We would also require the vaccination information to be uploaded in the portal [Bordetella (valid for 6 months), DA2PP (distemper, adenovirus-2, parainfluenza and parvovirus) and Rabies] make sure the expiration dates are visible on the picture that you upload.

The agreements are also available to download, sign and upload it back in the portal. If you don't have a printer available, you can do it in person as well.

After creating the file and filling out all the details you can reserve the daycare online by choosing the date and time we will verify if all the information required is up to date and you will receive the conformation email for your furry baby's daycare reservation.

The first day is going to be the Meet & Greet evaluation so that we can assess their overall behaviour. This is to monitor any temperament characteristics that could potentially be unsuitable at DV Playcare. 

You sure can! Depending on our Grooming Schedule you can let us know before your session that you’d like to add an additional grooming service for after your baby plays around and we can reserve a spot for your furry baby to have Chloe's Spaw Session. 


You sure can! you can let us know before your session that you’d like to add a Yoda's Splash Session for your baby, or you can choose online from our portal when you will make the reservation.